China’s cinema is being highlighted this week in Lisbon, Portugal, at the cycle A China Aqui ao Lado (China next door, in a free translation to English). The event started yesterday, November 14, and will be held until November 18.

According to a statement released by the Confucius Institute of Universidade de Lisboa, Macau film director Albert Chu Iao Ian is one of the guest speakers at the event. He will be presenting a talk on the development of cinema in Macau, on November 17, at the Macao Trade and Economic Delegation in Lisbon, in addition to the screening of some of his short films.

The programme of the event also includes the screening of Macao Street (2009) by local filmmaker Sérgio Perez, and Fonting the City (2015), by Macau director Wallace Chan, tomorrow, November 16, at Universidade de Lisboa.

The cinema cycle also includes the screenings of several films from Mainland China and presentations by director and researcher Zhang Tao.

The detailed programme of the event can be found here.