A cinema cycle about journalism titled Stop the press, let’s talk! is to happen between January 8 and 12, in the end of the day, at Cinema S.Jorge, in Lisbon. It takes place prior to the opening of the Congress of Journalists.

The programme opens with the film Truth, by James Vanderbilt, on January 8, 6.30 pm, followed by a talk with the writer Dulce Maria Cardoso, the researcher Maria Manuel da Mota and the historian José Pacheco Pereira.

The rest of the programme includes the films Nightcrawler, by Dan Gilroy, Kill the Messenger, by Michael Cuesta, and the Fifth Estate, by Bill London.

On the last day, the cycle features Spotlight, by Tom McCarthy, followed by a talk with the reporter Michael Rezendes, who is part of the researchers’ team of the Boston Globe.

Admission is open to everyone, but limited to the availability of seats. For the audience in general, the ticket is 4 euros.