A cinema cycle titled Gender and Identity starts today, Wednesday, February 15, at Espaço Nimas, in Lisbon, with the screening of the film The Academy of the Muses, by Spanish film director José Luis Guérin.

The cycle, which lasts until July 19, features a total of 12 films to be exhibited every other Wednesday, at 7 pm.

According to the information provided by Medeia Filmes, the cycle is divided into four main themes: (Re)definitions of Feminine; Subjugation and Violence; Woman Power; and Queer and Transgender.

“We will exhibit several works, classical and contemporary, that serve as transgressing examples on codes and habits that dominated their time,” a note published on the Medeias Filmes website says.

After the screening of the films, there will be a debate with researchers and film critics, as well as writers, artists, and experts in gender studies, the note adds.


The cycle results from a collaboration between Medeia Films, IHA (Instituto da História da Arte) and Leopardo Filmes.


The detailed programme of the cycle can be found here.