The City Council of Lisbon and the S. Cristovão and S. Lourenço churches are promoting a cycle of cinema dedicated to the topic of travelling, to be shown in different associations of the neighbourhood Mouraria. It starts today and goes until July 22.

With the main intention of preserving and enriching the S. Cristovão Church, this cinema cycle — under the topic Sair (Exit, in English) is aimed at gathering funds for its restoration. This cinema cycle is prepared in connection to the exhibition Não te Faltará a Distância (You won’t miss the distance, in English), featuring works from artists such as Madalena Victorino, Martin Monchicourt, Francis Alÿs and Rui Chafes.

Among the films to be shown at this cinema sycle, there is Gabriel, which is a work from 1976, never shown in Portugal, by artist Agnes Martin — it tells the story of a 10 year old boy, from a rural area in New Mexico, where the Agnes Martin lived.

The cinema cycle will be shown at S. Cristovão church and at different associations of the Mouraria neighbourhood. Among the other highlighted films are Paper Moon, by Peter Bogdanovich, Wild Strawberries, by Ingmar Berman and Journey to Italy, by Roberto Rossellini.


Paper Moon, by Peter Bogdanovich – July 8, 9.30 pm, at Largo de São Cristovão

Wild Strawberries, Ingmar Bergman – July 9, 9.30 pm, Casa da Achada

Journey to Italy, Roberto Rosselini – July 15, 9.30 pm, Grupo Desportivo da Mouraria

The Hero, by Satyajit Ray – July 21, 9.30 pm, Renovar a Mouraria

Balthazar, by Robert Bresson, July 22, 7 pm, Centro de Inovação da Mouraria