A new edition of festival Lisboa na Rua (Com’Out Lisbon, in English) will start on Thursday, August 25, in the capital city of Portugal, and last until October 1.

“Lisboa na Rua will embrace the streets, squares and corners of the city during five weekends of music, poetry, literature, film, exhibitions and theater,” the organisers say.

In this year’s edition, the festival will be present in neighbourhoods including Belém, Benfica, Lumiar, Carnide, Campo Grande. It will end in Lisbon’s downtown with what the organisers call “an unprecedented event that challenges musicians and audience”: “the full presentation of Beethoven’s symphonies on four successive evenings, for the first time in a public space open to everyone”.

The programme includes the section The Art of the Big Band, which offers five outdoor concerts of jazz orchestras “with distinct origins, repertoires and sounds,” according to the organizers. It also includes the section Sou do Fado, with concerts by three acclaimed Fado singers — Gisela João, Camané and Carlos do Carmo — who will be performing in front of the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos. A cinema series under the theme “City Lights” — at Palácio Pimenta — and a Sound Art Festival — at Jardim da Tapada das Necessidades — are other highlights of the festival.

The festival is promoted by EGEAC — Lisbon’s municipal company in charge of promoting cultural animation — with the support of Turismo de Portugal, under the Portuguese Ministry of Economy. The full programme of the festival can be found here. Admission is free.