The association Renovar a Mouraria launched a crowdfunding campaign that will last until September 30, to gather funds that will allow to open Portuguese classes for the immigrant community.

The latest information released in  PPL – Crowdfunding Portugal mentioned there are 13 supporters which, up to now, amount to 200 euros (about 1800 patacas). “We need to gather 3500 euros [about 31,000 patacas] until September 30,” the organisers of the initiative mention in the crowdfunding platform. “The knowledge of the language of the host country plays a determinant role in building capacity within the immigrants turning them into citizens with full rights: the right to housing and employment, the social, political and economical participation, as well as social and cultural relationships are, if not compromised, for sure menaced by the ignorance of the language of the host company.”

The association has been organising, since 2013, Portuguese classes, having reached 313 immigrants. “This year, we need the help of everyone to be able to open the Portuguese course to 20 students which will benefit from 150 hours of classes.”

The Portuguese classes are to start on October 17 and finish on December 16.