Entrada Livre (Free Entry, in English) is a three-day event, between September 9 and 11, to celebrate the National Theatre D. Maria II with the audience.

“On the opening of the 2016/2017 season, we invite everybody to inhabit this house that belongs to you. And, like in any other theatre, we propose the impossible to seem only impossible,” so says a description of the event, in the National Theatre D. Maria II official page. The three-day event includes theatre performances, namely O Pato Selvagem, by Henrik Ibsen or Nova Criação, by Ágata Pinho, as well as concerts by bands such as Cais Sodre Funk Connection, readings, exhibitions, talks, book fairs and book launching events.

This initiative is integrated in the event Come Out Lisbon, promoted by EGEAC — Lisbon’s municipal company in charge of promoting cultural animation.