It started on March 4 and it goes until March 19. It is the first edition of the Festival Internacional de Dança Contemporânea de Lisboa, Cumplicidades, Latitudes em Movimento (Lisbon’s International Contemporary Dance Festival, Complicities, Latitudes in Movement, in English).

Last year, the year zero of the festival, served to test possibilities, but this is the year of its first edition. From now on, the festival will happen every two years..

During 15 days, Lisbon will be invaded by Portuguese choreographers and from other countries like France, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey. On the sidelines, there will be other events, associated to the dance activities, such as workshops, an international conference, speeches and two exhibitions.

In its first day, the festival opened with the première of the co-production “O céu é apenas um disfarce azul do inferno” (The sky is only a blue disguise of hell, in English), by Joana Von Mayer Trindade and Hugo Calhim Cristovão.