Where the World Heritage Shines – Photography Exhibition of the Historic Centre of Macao will open on March 8, at the Macao Scientific and Cultural Centre in Lisbon, Portugal.

According to the press release by Macau’s Cultural Affairs Bureau, the exhibition will feature 100 photographas of the Historic Centre of Macau, lited as UNESCO’s World Heritage since 2005. The photographs were taken by Macau photographer Chan Hin Io.

The statement notes Chan Hin Io is “a senior photographer nationwide and a recognized photographer in Macau”. In recent years, it ads, “he has been devoted to capturing Macau’s customs as well as the city’s landscapes, collecting several photography awards”.

“The exhibition is a manifestation of the friendly co-operation and resources sharing between cultural institutions in Portugal and Macau and an example of the growing Luso-Chinese cultural exchange,” the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau states.

The showcase follows a co-operation protocol signed between the Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Macao Scientific and Cultural Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science of Portugal in 2015. The protocol is aimed at promoting cultural exchange.

The exhibition will be held until May 31 in Lisbon, moving on to Guimarães’s Vila Flor Palace from June 23 and August 15.