A cinema cycle under the theme Borders is taking place in Lisbon, at Casa da Achada – Mário Dionísio Centre, until September 29.

Between July and September, a total of 15 films will be exhibited. “Almost all the films are fiction films from different countries, presenting difficulties related do crossing a border (and being held there); World War II borders; borders on ground and underground; [as well as] often related racism and xenophobia,” the organisers say at Centro Mário Dionísio’s official website.

All films will be exhibited outdoors, at Rua da Achada, and presented by a guest. Screenings are scheduled for Mondays, at 9.30 pm. Admission is free.

Next August screenings:

One, Two, Three, by Billy Wilder — August 15

Four Bags Full (La Traversée de Paris), by Claude Autant-Lara — August 22

Violent Life (Una Vita Violenta), by Paolo Heucsh and Brunello Rondi — August 29