The Portuguese artist Natália Gromicho is opening her exhibition entitled Do Ocidente para o Oriente (From the West to the East, in English), today, July 21, 6.30 pm, at Museu do Oriente, in Lisbon. This is the artist’s first big solo exhibition in a Portuguese museum.

The exhibition features 71 paintings in oil, acrylic paint on canvas and mixed media, completed between 2012 and 2016. “During this period, Natália Gromicho was closely in contact with the Indian, Timor-East, Chinese and Singaporean cultures — these were countries she travelled to, painted and exhibited. Inspired in these encounters, these paintings — in exhibition at the Museu do Oriente, between July 22 and September 11 — were never presented in Portugal,” says a note published in the Museu do Oriente’s official page.

In this exhibition, it is evident “the Abstract art — a characteristic of Natália Gromicho’s work — applied to a wide canvas, in which the warm tonalities and the dense overlays prevail”. There are also “compositions of the feminine body, which are part of a series under development“.
Natália Gromicho studied painting at Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts and at ArCo. Working professionally for more than 20 years, the artist has represented Portugal in more than 100 international exhibitions. Her work is part of private and institutional collections spread in the world, in different countries, such as Portugal, Australia, USA, Brazil, Italy, Russia, France, UK, Timor-East, Singapore and India.

The Portuguese artist does live painting, allowing the public to see the work in progress. She has recently been in Macau completing an artistic residency, at Fundação Oriente. The result were 13 abstract paintings made in and inspired by Macau.