Cidade Pequena (Small Town, in English), by Portuguese film director Diogo Costa Amarante, won the Golden Bear for Best Short Film, at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival, which was held during the last weekend.

The film is about a six-year-old boy called Frederico, who “finds out at school that people die when their hearts stop beating,” and “is unable to sleep that night,” according to the information on the Berlinale official website. “The next day, his mother asks the teacher once again: Must children always be told the truth? Always?,” the note says.

According to the Berlinale, the 19-minute film “illustrates the emotional world of Frederico and his mother” “in great colourful tableaux”, with the framing of the pictures recalling “the attention to detail present in paintings of the Italian Renaissance”.

It is the second consecutive year a film by a Portuguese director has won the Golden Bear for Best Short Film, after Leonor Teles’s Batrachian’s Ballad in 2016.