The Museu Nacional do Azulejo, in Lisbon, Portugal, is holding an exhibition dedicated to Portuguese pattern tiles until February 2017.

The exhibition — titled Exhibition of Portuguese Pattern Tiles (from the 17th to the 20th centuries) — includes around 35 panels, some of which are being presented for the first time. The exhibition also includes projects, maquets and molds, according to a note in the museum’s official website.

According to the note, “alongside the figurative tiles, pattern tiles had an important presence since the 17th century, when the “olarias” (tile factories) produced a large variety that, like tapestry, covered the walls of churches, convents and palaces”.

“Complementing the permanent exhibition of this Museum, where pattern tile has a relevant importance, the present exhibition allows to enhance a fundamental aspect, but perhaps less known of Portuguese tile, turning itself as a first approach to this theme,” the museum says.