The 10th edition of MOTELx — Lisbon International Horror Film Festival is to run from September 6 to 11, preceded by a warm-up week which starts already on September 1. Sex, cannibalism and eroticism are this year’s highlighting features.

On September 1 and 3 there is a warm-up event, which includes outdoor cinema sessions in Lg. São Carlos and in Beco da Moeda, along with concerts and parties.

This year’s biggest news is the creation of a new section called Award MOTELx — The Best European Feature Film Award. “To commemorate a decade of horror cinema in Lisbon, MOTELX welcomes Italian director Ruggero Deodato, director of the classic Cannibal Holocaust, as a special guest,” the organisers say in a note on the official website of the event.

Some of the main highlights of the programme include De Palma, a documentary about director Brian De Palma, and Psycho Raman, by Indian director Anyrag Kashiyap and The Transfiguration, by North-American Michael O’Shea.

The festival will bring more than 70 horror screenings to Theatre Tivoli BBCA, Cinema S. Jorge and Cinemateca Junior.