Mohamed El Khatib, in 2012, was, in Brussels, researching on how to translate his native language, Arabic, to a theatrical one, through interviews to his own mother, when she died, right before he finished the work. That is the topic of the play Acabar em Beleza (Finishing in Beauty, in a free translation to English), which is taking place from February 18 to 25, at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, in Lisbon.
Acabar em Beleza is a one-man play, in which “Mohamed El Khatib restarts this artistic work, exploring the dialogue, from the notion of fragment: fragment of a relationship, of a story, of a landscape, of everything that rests of us (us understood as a mother and a son after a final event such as death); fragment of the mother language, fragment of theatrical language, fragment of writing,” according to the website Agenda Lx, promoted by the municipality.

The artist rebuilds by himself this project, departing from interviews, emails, phone messages and administrative documents, the history of mourning.