The 14th Festa do Jazz (Jazz Festival, in English) features, for the first time, five nights and five days of shows, between March 16 and 20, at São Luiz Theatre, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

This year, there are some news: besides the pre-Festival shows, in March 16 and 17, which will feature musicians from Berlin, there will be for the first time the Bernardo Sassetti Best Composition Award. In addition, even though it is already in its 14th edition, this will be the first time in which the event will host an international residence, of academic character, within the event itself.

Like the previous ones, this edition will bring some of the best jazz musicians, international guests and the usual contest that gathers improvisation musician students from everywhere in the country. “And like that we are going on with our lives, like a metaphoric music, like it is the first time. To improvise is a very serious matter that can be fun,” says the artistic director, Carlos Martins, at the theatre’s website.