The director of the Portuguese radio channel Antena 2, João Almeida, has won the award in cultural journalism given by the Portuguese Authors Society (SPA, in the Portuguese acronym).
The award was created in 2016 and aims at distinguishing a journalist “that has been recognised for years in any media for the competency, dedication and quality in which he deals with artistic and cultural topics, whichever area of expression,” according to a press release. The award includes 2,000 euros and a trophy.

João Almeida first started between 1988 and 1999 as reporter of the radio channel TSF, having received awards in the field. In 2000, he joined the television channel SIC and, in 2005, he joined the radio broadcasting station RDP.

He currently is responsible for the radio programme Quinta Essência and “intervenes regularly and with competency and quality in the radio coverage of important national and foreign cultural events, which has contributed for SPA’s decision.” He is the director of the public Portuguese radio channel Antena 2.