Portuguese singer, José Cid, received the Pedro Osório Music Award, given by the Portuguese Authors’ Society (commonly know as SPA, the acronym in Portuguese). The prize was created to pay respects to the musician, deceased in 2012.

The Pedro Osório Music Award was “given to the singer, composer and musician José Cid, for the album ‘Menino Prodígio’ [Boy Wonder, in English], edited in 2015, and also due to the large success of his career on stage and in studio,” said SPA, on a note issued to the press.

This award distinguishes every year a “name and work relevant to the Portuguese music” and, apart from the distinction itself, it also grants EUR 2,000 (MOP 17,632) to the winner.

The album “Menino Prodígio” was edited on April 6, 2015. In March, 74-year-old José Cid defined it as “rock, combative and interventionist”. According to the author, “it is an album that enters the area of conscientious objection, but takes it into rock, and that is like [Quartet] 1111 [his previous band] did, with dozens of songs censored by the regime [dictatorship, previous to the revolution held on April 25, 1974], and one of them is ‘Blá!, Blá!, Blá!’, that I’ve included in this album,” said the author.


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