KINO – Viewing of German cinema (KINO – Mostra de cinema de expressão alemã, in Portuguese) is taking place between January 19 and 24. It features new cinema productions from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

KINO festival is divided into different sections — the Main Viewing, KINOdoc and Short Feature Films. Besides these sections, there is the Viewing for Schools, a special programme directed to the younger audience.

The opening of 2017 edition will feature the première in Portugal of Fukushima Mon Amour, by Dorris Dörrie, which takes place in Japan after the nuclear disaster. The director will be present at Cinema S.Jorge, in Lisbon.

Other highlight of the programme is the luso-german coproduction Fado, by Jonas Rothlaender, taking place entirely in Lisbon, about a couple between love and obsession.

The closing session, in Lisbon, features Stefan Zweig — Farewell, Europe, by Maria Scharader, which is a biopic about a life phase of writer Stefan Zweig. The director will also be present.