The archaelogical exhibition named Quarteirão dos Lagares: da Mouraria à Vila Nova is taking place at Mouraria Creative Hub, until October 1. Organised by Centro de Arqueologia de Lisboa, it focuses on the origins and development of one of the most emblematic neighbourhoods of the capital city of Portugal.

“After the Earthquake of 1755, the building of the Quarteirão dos Lagares gained a housing function, along with the agricultural vocation it already had, given the proximity with Arroios, and serving as a wine or olive oil press,” say the organisers in a press release. Between 2011 and 2014, in the course of preservation works, four archaelogical campaigns too place to “preserve the memory of the site”.

In this exhibition, by “integrating daily life objects — which bare witness to the social and economical lives in other times — you are able rebuild the past of Quarteirão dos Lagares and of the Mouraria neighbourhood, of its people and the political and religious transformation that occurred from the Middle Age until today.”