Lisboa Dance Festival will take place on March 10 and 11 at Lx Factory, in the capital city of Portugal.

Hostel Dorm, the bookstore Ler Devagar and Café na Fábrica are three of the six rooms to be used. The Hostel Dorm room will incorporate the concept ‘back to black’, in which there will be a challenge between two artists. There will be battles between Stereossauro and Dj Kwan, Sam the Kid and Dj Big, as well as Rita Maia and Satelite, Nitronio and Darsksunn, Dupplo and Señor Pelota. The Clube Antena3 will take place at Ler Devagar, featuring Pedro Coequenão replicating the programme he hosts for three years already in the Portuguese radio channel. The studio of the radio channel Antena 3 will be located at Café na Fábrica, featuring live talks between artists, media and audience.

Lisboa Dance Festival will also occupy room Zoot, at the main building of Lx Factory, where the special nights curated by Brank and Moullinex will take place. The room Fábrica XL is the main one, featuring the performances by Hercules & Love Affair, Marcel Dettmann, George FitzGerald, and Mount Kimbie. The room Fábrica L will host talks and masterclasses, coordinated by journalist Rui Miguel Abreu.

The first edition of Lisboa Dance Festival took place between March 4 and 5, 2015.