The gatherings Vidas Prisionáveis (Lives in Prison, in English) will continue this Wednesday, February 2, at Aljube Museum. The talks, conducted by Ana Aranha, mean to gather testimonies from former political prisoners, who resisted the military dictatorship that occurred in Portugal, between 1926 and 1974.

In the gatherings, school and members of the community can participate. The sessions are recorded, so as to allow the creation of a virtual archive for the future. On February 17, Ana Aranha conducted the talks with former resistants José Pedro Soares and Alfredo Matos. This Wednesday, the protagonists will be Camilo Mortágua and Fernando Pereira Marques.

Previous gatherings occurred last year and counted, in different occasions, throughout 2015, with former political prisoners Helena Pato, Domingos Abrantes, Conceição Matos, António Borges Coelho, Jorge Tavares Silva, Edmundo Pedro, José Manuel Tengarrinha and Maria Conceição Moita.