The second edition of Festa do Cinema (Cinema Party, in a free translation to English) will take place between May 16 and 18, during which people have access to 94,000 seats in 500 cinema rooms spread across Portugal, for a reduced price of 2.5 euros (about 22.77 patacas).

Last year, in May, during its first edition, there were 200,000 viewers participating in the initiative and this year the organisers are expecting 250,000.

During the Festa do Cinema, tickets cost 2.5 euros for any session — with the exception for films shown in VIP rooms or that required the usage of 3D glasses —, in any of the 500 existing cinema rooms.

The initiative is promoted by the Associação Portuguesa de Empresas Cinematográficas, with the support of the Portuguese Film and Audiovisual Institute (known by the acronym ICA) and the audiovisual content distributors.