Three new exhibitions are opening at Lisbon’s Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) on May 16: a large-scale project by Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa, a site-specific work by João Onofre and APQHome, an art installation by Ana Pérez-Quiroga.

I’ve Never Been Surrealistic Until Today, by Carlos Garaicoa, will take place at MAAT Oval Gallery until September 18. “The exhibition at MAAT’s Oval Gallery presents a large-scale site specific project which explores the relationship between the city and the individual, architecture and urbanism, fiction and reality,” the organisers say, in a note sent to the media. The artist Carlos Garaicoa is known for addressing issues which are “socially relevant to the geopolitical contexts in which he works.” The exhibition is curated by Pedro Gadanho and Inês Grosso.

APQ Home, by Ana Pérez-Quiroga, is a “project consisting in a domestic space—a house and its objects—and a garden, inside MAAT’s exhibition space”, which will take place until October 17. According to the note sent to the media, the exhibition,”in a 48-hour period, aims to perform the everyday life, in a total art/life fusion experience”. Participants will have the opportunity to spend two nights at the museum, occupying this domestic space in a program taking place between May 16 and July 30, 2017. It is curated by Pedro Gadanho.

On the same day, opens the exhibition titled Untitled (Orchestral), by artist João Onofre, curated by Benjamin Weil and Ana Anacleto. “João Onofre presents a new site-specific performative installation conceived for the iconic Boiler Room in the Power Station building.” The exhibition will be on until September 3.

The openings coincide with the pre-opening party for the second edition of ARCOLisboa, which will take place on the museum’s central courtyard. On that day, MAAT will also open its galleries to the public for a free museum’s night from 9pm to 12am.