There will be a video mapping show in Terreiro do Paço — one of the most emblematic sites of the capital city of Portugal — between August 5 and 14. Under the theme The Faces of Lisbon, the show reveals stories, characters, sites and moments of the city.

With three daily sessions scheduled for 9.45 pm, 10.30 pm and 11.15 pm, The Faces of Lisbon “tells the story of the city through different characters, each revealing places, moments that compose her and give her mysticism,” Lisbon’s City Council has announced. “Through historical characters, but timeless — such as the varina, the paver or the grinder — the faces of Lisbon are revealed, together with past and present events, its evolution and transformation.”

Accompanied by music, the projection will embrace all the extension of the façade of the Arco da Rua Augusta. The projections are free and last 15 minutes.

Created by Grandpas’ Lab, produced by Bridge, The Faces of Lisbon is organised by Lisbon’s Tourism Association, Lisbon’s City Council and the Municipal company EGEAC.