Está Dito is a very Portuguese album, by a very Portuguese band, with world music influences. Tomorrow, April 23, the group Marafona is officially presenting its first album, at Teatro Ibérico, 9.30pm, Lisbon.

The group was born in January 2014, when four musicians and one singer-songwriter got together for a new project. In June 2014, they recorded independently the EP Tia Miséria, which has been considered by Portuguese music critics as one of the best in world music in that year.

Marafona uses a series of instruments, including the Portuguese guitar, cavaquinho, trancanholas, braganiça and bagpipe (Gonçalo Almeida), contrabass (Cláudio Cruz), percussions (Ian Carlo Mendoza), adufe, berimbau and voice (Artur Serra), classical guitar (Daniel Sousa), combining very Portuguese rythms with world music sounds.

Under the record label PontoZirca, produced by Sérgio Milhano and Marafona, Está Dito was recorded at Uwe Teichert’s Mastering Studio (BEL).  The album also includes special collaborations from artists such as Ana Bacalhau (Deolinda) and Mitó (Naifa). Catarina Sobral is the author of the illustration work.