The Mário Laginha Trio will be performing on April 19, at Culturgest, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

Portuguese jazz musician and composer Mário Laginha promises to offer “new music” to the audience, following a “tradition” he has built at Culturgest. He hopes he will be able to record those new compositions later on, as it has happened in the past.

Mr Laginha (piano and composition) will be performing at 9.30 pm with Bernardo Moreira (contrabass) and Alexandre Frazão (percussion).

“It is a classical trio, but it is perhaps the formation in which the freedom is the largest,” Mr Laginha is quoted as saying in a press release by Culturgest. “To play with them is a synonym of making music with pleasure, of being able to risk without feeling fear, to experiment new ways without having to communicate them or explain them in advance.”