The Cinemateca Portuguesa (Portuguese Cinematheque, in English), in Lisbon, will exhibit in June a series of comedies and melodramas by acclaimed filmmaker Vincente Minnelli (1903-1986).

June’s retrospective is part of the cinematheque’s cycle Minnelli’s Thousand Apotheoses, which in May started by focusing on the director’s musicals.

The second part of the cycle starts on Wednesday, June 1, with 1945’s The Clock — Millenni’s first non-musical production — and Undercurrent — a 1946 dark melodrama — according to the cinematheque’s programme.

The cycle will end on June 30 with A Matter of Time, which will be exhibited also on June 18. The film, an adaptation from Maurice Druon’s novel, was Minnelli’s last production. Ingrid Bergman, Liza Minnelli, Charles Boyer and Isabella Rossellini star in the film.

The detailed programme can be found here.