Several urban artists will intervene at Lisbon Airport, under the theme Lisbon: Connecting Portugal to the World. This is the result of a partnership with MURO [Wall] — Urban Art Festival, to be held in the Portuguese capital, from April 30 to May 15.

MURO will feature national and international names such as Vhils and Pauline Foessel, Lara Seixo Rodrigues, Pariz One, Pedro Soares Neves, Miguel Negretti and Ana Vilar Bravo. Utopia, Nomen and Márcio Bahia are some of the artists that will intervene at Lisbon Airport, according to a press release.

The festival will have its “epicentre” in neighbourhood Padre Cruz, although there will be interventions throughout the city. The festival is organised by the Urban Art Gallery of Lisbon City Council in partnership with the Parish of Carnide.