The National Ballet of Portugal has now dance classes for children aged between five and nine years old, at its headquarters.
The new school for children is already functioning since September. The classes intend to provide “training prior to vocational training, so as to allow children to understand if this is really what they intend to do. It is the right age to work the creative part, develop coordination and confidence,” says the coordinator of this project, Bruno Cochat, in a note published by Lisbon’s City Council.
There will be two ballet classes per week and one class on saturday, under the themes of dramatic expression, creative dance and traditional dances. When children reach 10 years’ old, they will decide whether they want to continue and then “dedication must be daily, as it happens in high-profile sports”. Classes take place on tuesdays and thursdays, at 5 pm (five – seven years old) and at 6 pm (seven-nine years old).  The monthly fee is 60 euros.

This centre also provides dance classes to children with special educational needs, aged between five and 14 years old. Classes take place once to twice a week.