Portuguese artist João Fazenda has won the country’s National Illustration Prize 2015 for his book Dança (Dance, in English), Portuguese newspaper Público reported.

Dança was published by Pato Lógico in 2015. It tells — through images — the story of a man that becomes the grey shadow of himself and finds it difficult to escape his job’s rigid routine so to be able to dance with his wife, according to the media outlet.

The jury from the National Illustration Prize’s 20th edition noted the artist’s “expressive usage of colour” throughout an “original narrative”.

The jury also attributed special mentions to book Verdade, by Bernardo Carvalho (Pato Lógico) and illustration Gato procura-se, by Yara Kono, for a text by Ana Saldanha (Editorial Caminho). The quality of illustrations in other three books was also highlighted by the members of the jury, namely Eu quero a minha cabeça, by António Jorge Gonçalves; A casa do Senhor Malaparte, by Joana Couceiro and with illustrations by Mariana Rio; and Montanhas, by Madalena Matoso.

Born in 1979, illustrator João Fazenda has been awarded numerous times, both nationally and internationally. In 2015, he held an exhibition in Macau, as part of that year’s edition of The Script Road — Macau Literary Festival.