The Maria Matos Municipal Theatre, in Portugal, is looking for amateur theatre groups in Lisbon to take part in the new show by Tonan Quito Fé, Esperança e Caridade (Faith, Hope and Charity), based on the text by Ödön von Horváth.

According to the theatre website, the show will open in June 2017. Registrations for the open call for amateur theatre groups can be done until December 15.

“In Faith, Hope and Charity (1932), Ödön von Horváth shows us, through a comedy, a cynical society, mean and selfish, ready to deshuman itself, in a period of material and spiritual decadence, and in moral crisis,” the organisers state. The play tells the story of Elisabeth, a girl who desperately struggles for survival and ends up a victim of the State machine, they add.

More details about the open call can be found here.