The Portuguese non-profit association Arquivo dos Diários has launched the second edition of its annual competition Conta-nos E Conta Connosco (Tell us and you can count on us, in a free translation to English). The idea is to choose the best autobiographic memory.

According to the information available on the association’s official website, participants can join the competition with diaries, understood as autobiographic written works, original, never published before and without an editorial treatment. The chosen as the winner will be published next year as a book.

Applicants should submit their works until May 31. More details regarding the regulation can be found here.

The association Arquivo dos Diários (Archive of diaries, in English) states in its website that it “wants to preserve, value and promote the memories of common people, acknowledging that, by giving voice to those personal life testimonies, it is contributing to a more democratic and truthful knowledge of history, as well as to the building of a more positive identity”.