Artist Paula Rego is distinguished today, May 26, with the medal of honour by the City Council of Lisbon, in a session taking place at Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Museum.

“Her long artistic production dilutes the hierarchies and the distinction between popular and classical art, between the fine arts and the applied arts, communicating with the past, through her usually diverse artistic sources, but opening always to the present by her critic voice and socially interventional,” says the proposal text, approved by the City Council.

After the award ceremony, there will be the opening of the exhibition named Diálogos Imaginados, Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro e Paula Rego (Imaginated Dialogues, Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro and Paula Rego). Commissioned by Pedro Bebiano Braga, this exhibition puts into dialogue the work of both Portuguese artists. The exhibition will last until September 29.

Paula Rego, 81 years old, born in Lisbon, studied in Slade School of Fine Art, London, United Kingdom, in which she took she studied painting between 1952 and 1956. The Portuguese artist is currently based in London.