The Perve Galeria, in Lisbon, Portugal, will be hosting this month an exhibition that will gather some of the art pieces gathered by the gallery over the last ten years, including works by Mário Cesariny, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí.

According to a note from the organisers, the exhibition — called Acervo — will open on September 6 and will last until October 8. The exhibition is curated by Carlos Cabral Nunes.

The exhibition will feature approximately 150 art works, according to the Portuguese press. Lusophone artists featured in the showcase include António Palolo, Artur Bual, Carlos Calvet, Cruzeiro Seixas, Fernando Lemos, Mário Cesariny, Malangatana, Shikhani and Rosa Ramalho, the organisers say.

The showcase will also include works from other artists, including Luis Feito, Manuel Viola, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Sónia Delaunay, “among many others,” the note says.

The Perve Galeria will celebrate 17 years of existence on March next year. It has been gathering works of art for its own collection (acervo, in Portuguese) for ten years. The aim of the exhibition Acervo is to celebrate this collection, by sharing between the gallery and the public “works from different latitudes and times,” the organisers say.

More information on the gallery and this exhibition can be found here.