The Portuguese writer, translator and university teacher Frederico Lourenço has been awarded the Prémio Pessoa 2016, which each year pays tribute to a Portuguese personality that has given an important contribution in the field of arts, literature or science.

The president of the jury, Francisco Pinto Balsemão, said in his announcement speech — quoted by Portuguese newspaper Observador — that Frederico Lourenço has been offering “to the Portuguese language the great works of classical literature, through a methodic work, which reveals an ambition served by a rare erudition”.

Among the works translated by Frederico Lourenço are works by Homero and Eurípedes, the president of the jury added. He is currently working on a translation of the Bible based on Greek sources — the first of six volumes was published this year, according to the newspaper.

Frederico Lourenço also has a long career as an author of works of poetry, romance, theatre and essays, Observador says.

The Prémio Pessoa is worth 60,000 euros (more than 506,000 patacas). It was awarded for the first time in 1987.