It starts at Praça de Camões, then it passes by the official jewellery for the crown, the Leitão & Irmão, through the head-institute of the queen’s welfare work, finishing with the regicide venue, at Terreiro do Paço. The latest thematic tour organised by the City Council of Lisbon follows queen Amelia’s path.

Queen Amelia was born in 1865, in Twickenhan, in the outskirts of London, where the Orleães family had exiled after Napoleon III had assumed the crown of France. In 1896, the queen arrives to Lisbon. It was the last queen of Portugal and she died in 1951. Her husband, king Carlos, and son were killed on February 1, 1908.

Mónica Queiroz, the person in charge of this and other thematic tours, stated to the national newspaper Diário de Notícias that this tour focuses on the social work of the queen — that is why the palaces in which she lived in are excluded from the tour.

The next tour is scheduled for January 26. It requires reservation.