Suspensão (Suspension, in a free translation to English) is a performance, a concert and a musical choreography that will be staged on January 20 and 21 at Belém Cultural Centre (CCB, in the Portuguese acronym), in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

“In Suspensão, one tries to find new connections, new ways to reflect on the movement, new sounds, new ways to think about the ensemble as an element alone,” CCB says in a note. According to CCB, the project features a light-sensitive instrument, installed in several places, and the characters inflect and create sound by the shadows they project.

The show was created and is interpreted by choreographer Clara Andermatt and composers Jonas Runa and António Sá-Dantas.

Suspensão is a co-production between ACCA — Companhia Clara Andermatt and Teatro Viriato.