The Teatro São Luiz, in Lisbon, has launched the programme Bilhete Suspenso (Suspended Ticket, in English), aimed at providing an opportunity for those who can not afford to go to the theatre.

The process involves theatre goers, who can approach the box office and buy a suspended ticket for 7 euros. That ticket will then be reserved at the box office for individuals receiving assistance from a number of organisations, namely Associação Coração Amarelo, Associação Gulliver, Lar Jorbalán, Fundação Luís António de Oliveira, Casa de Abrigo da APAV and CMPL – Centro Hospital Psiquiátrico de Lisboa, the organisers say.

The theatre explains the initiative is aimed at offering tickets “to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to see a performance” there. “Those who offer [the ticket] and those who received it do not know each other. It is a gesture of sharing among theatre goers,” Teatro São Luiz says in a press release.

The initiative was launched in 2015. It is inspired in the the concept of “suspended coffee,” created in Naples, Italy, during the 2nd World War, and recently adopted in France, according to the press statement.