The Portuguese theatre company Teatro da Cornucópia has announced it will be closing down, after 43 years of work.

“Cornucópia will close because there is no money for us to be Cornucópia,” the theatre company’s director Luís Miguel Cintra told the Portuguese online newspaper Observador in an interview this month.

Mr Cintra — who directs the company together with Cristina Reis — explained that the company has lost half of its government subsidy three years ago and after “dragging a situation of precariousness” has decided it can no longer go on with trying to do the same work — with the same quality — with half the resources it had.

The Portuguese Ministry of Culture said — in a statement quoted by the Portuguese press — it “regrets the closing down of one of the most important theatre structures of the history of the Portuguese theatre”.

Teatro da Cornucópia was created in 1973 by Luís Miguel Cintra and Jorge Silva Melo. It has been lodged since 1975 at Teatro do Bairro Alto, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

Over more than 40 years, the company has produced a  total of 126 creations. Its first production was The Misanthrope, by Molière.

A recital based on texts by Apollinaire, staged this month, marked the end of the company’s work.