The News Museum — a venue dedicated to news and communication — will open to the public on April 25, in Sintra, Portugal, said the president of the Municipality, Basílio Horta.

In a guided tour to the partners and founders of the interactive space, Mr Horta said: “I believe it is a big innovation, not only due to the means used, but essentially because of the contents.”

The News Museum occupies the previous premises of the Toy Museum, in a building that the municipality has handed for 20 years to an association created by Luís Paixão Martins, former journalist and communication sector businessman.

With more than 25 theme modules spread throughout the building’s three floors, the museum intends to “recall episodes from Portugal’s and the world’s history, through journalistic coverage” and “with an interactive approach that allows the visitor to see and to participate in the stories,” according to a press release from the new museum. Many of its contents will be given by the public news channel RTP, following the signature of a protocol.