Whoever is used to clubbing in Lisbon knows Jamaica, Tokyo and Europa. Located in the capital city of Portugal, these three popular discos are now supposed to close within one month.

According to the Portuguese television broadcaster SIC, the landlords want to terminate the leasing contracts, so as to be able to rehabilitate the buildings, giving room to a hotel.

Currently, all venues combined pay less than 1,000 euros per month (the equivalent to 8,771 patacas), of which Jamaica pays 200 euros (1,754 patacas) — an amount that partner Fernando Pereira admitted to SIC to be too low.

A collapse of the Jamaica building in 2010 led the partners to pursue some works, having then to close the disco. For that reason, the landlords are now answering to a lawsuit, pursued by the partners, in which they ask for a 400,000 euros (about 3,5 million patacas) compensation.

The discos should not open its doors, due to the rental increase — only Jamaica might return, but with an updated rental and only if the partners dismiss the court procedures against the landlords.