Several events are taking place in Portugal to pay tribute to Portuguese artist Zeca Afonso, one of the most influential Portuguese folk singers, who died precisely 30 years ago.

The organization Associação Zeca Afonso (AJA) is organising a series of events, including concerts, talks and exhibitions, as well as album launches. The programme can be found here.

The initiative is done under the theme “I insist in not being sadness,” after the words of the singer and songwriter, as AJA’s president of the board of directors Francisco Fanhais told Portuguese newspaper Público last month, when the programme of events was announced.

Zeca Afonso (1929-1987) was “a man who wouldn’t quit, who would pass on that fighting capacity to others,” Mr Fanhais was quoted as saying. AJA also highlights the poetic work of Zeca Afonso, as well as his musical influences, the report said.

Described often as a political musician, Zeca Afonso’s song Grândola, Vila Morena was the sign given on the radio for the start of the 1974’s April 25 revolution in Portugal.