The children’s play Fairies (Fadas, in Portuguese) is being staged at theatre A Barraca, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, every weekend until April 30.

The play, written and directed by Rita Lello, is inspired by the true story of the Cottingley’s fairies, according to A Barraca’s official website.

It involves the case of the two cousins, Elsie (16 years old) and Frances (10), that reportedly took the photo of a fairy that was published in 1917 on The Strand illustrating an article by Arthur Conan Doyle. The case sparked a lot of debate and research.

The play targets kids 4 years old or older. It features Adérito Lopes, Rita Soares, Sara Rio Frio and Sónia Barradas.

Sessions are scheduled to Saturdays (at 4 pm) and Sundays (11 am).