Artist Alexandre Farto, known by his tag Vhils, has received in Lisbon the personality of the year award by the Foreign Press Association in Portugal, for taking the “name of the country to abroad,” in 2015.

The country — and the greater Lisbon region in particular — has stated itself as an urban art centre. Vhils contribution was essential to that,” stated the president of the association, Alison Roberts, in Lisbon, in the session in which the Martha de La Cal award was given to the artist.

In Vhils work “it’s impressive his ability with methods and materials, symbolically combining destruction and creation, and his sensitivity, the history of the urban medium and the human lives in the communities in which he worked.” The award was submitted by the minister of Culture of Portugal, Luís Castro Mendes.

Vhils recently had a solo exhibition, in Hong Kong, called Debris. Presented by Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) Foundation, the exhibition was opened to the public since March 21 until April 4, at Pier 4, Hong Kong Central.