This could be happening in Macau, but its really set in Portugal. Six sessions on understanding China are to take place every Saturday, starting on September 24, between 5.30 and 7.30 pm, in Cascais.

The sessions will take place at Casa de Santa Maria Rua do Farol de Santa Marta, in Cascais. “As a millennial civilization, China has had a relevant contribution for the development of the modern society. With the purpose of shortening the bridge between East and West, as well as promoting the culture and history of the Middle Kingdom, we propose the organisation of this workshop, developed in six sessions,” Cascais’ City Council has announced. Approaching topics such as language, writing, recent history, behaviour, international politics and sociology, this workshop is targeting young adults.

Interested parties are to apply until September 15. These sessions are organised by Cascais City Council, Bairro dos Museus and Fundação D. Luís.

The full programme is here.