A total of 169 art pieces are being showcased at the Exhibition of Artworks of the Members of Macao Artists Society 2016, at the Old Court Building, in Macau, until September 7. The association is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

The exhibition was inaugurated today, Tuesday, August 16, in a ceremony attended by the President of Macau’s Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, in the Portuguese acronym), Ung Vai Meng.

According to a press release by IC, the exhibition covers different art forms, including watercolour, oil painting, sketch, ink wash painting, calligraphy and sculpture. Each of the 169 artworks was created by one of the 169 members of the association. It is so far the association’s annual showcase with the largest number of featured artists.

The bureau added that the members of Macao Artists Society, “experienced in art production, have laid a solid foundation for local calligraphy and art” over the decades.

More information can be found here, at mART’s cultural agenda Happening.