The 1st Macao International Documentary Film Festival is taking place at the city’s Cinematheque – Passion, until May 1. Since Abril 22, during ten days on a row, the festival is showing 18 documentaries from more than ten countries in Asia, Europe and America.

“The main purpose of this edition — at least this first edition — of the festival is to introduce film documentary to Macau people properly, and also to tell them that documentary is also about stories, about people,” curator Penny Lam told mART.

The main highlights are: Jafar Panahi’s Taxi (Iran), which was the 65th Berlin International Film Festival Golden Bear winner; Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Look of Silence (Indonesia), which was an Oscar 2016 Best Documentary Feature nominee; and Yung Chang’s China Heavyweight, the 2012 Golden Horse Film Festival Best Documentary winner.

The festival’s director-in-focus is Portuguese Pedro Costa. The director of Horse Money, Change Nothing and In Vanda’s Room came to Macau to discuss filmmaking.


China Heavyweight

In Vanda’s Room