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A Bonsai of My Dream – Works by Wong Cheng Pou

May 13 - November 12

James Wong
The 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale Di Venezia 2017 – Exhibits from Macao, China
A Bonsai of My Dream – Works by Wong Cheng Pou

Artist Wong Cheng Pou has been selected as the representative to participate in the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia (Exhibits from Macao, China) organised by the Macao Museum of Art under the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Creative Concept:
Let yourself possess a little bonsai, tiny verdant mountain embraced with water, enclosing your preceding life and the contemporary one.
The world is getting more and more complicated. Living in an over-crowded city, people may find it confused to squeeze themselves among the gaps. I am so lucky to have been living by the sea, and whenever I am free I would like to go somewhere high, sitting there doing nothing, just to gaze at the enchanting mountains from an elevated position, especially when there is a clear moon in the sky, the silvery shadows reflected by the calmness of the water are totally different from what they used to be in the day time – a frigid concrete jungle. Then I couldn’t help myself being infatuated with this unfathomable scenery, recalling my memories of the creatures in the Shan Hai Jing (The Classic of Mountains and Seas, probably compiled by c. 500 BC-200 BC, containing a wide range of elements about geography, mythology, witchcraft, popular customs, etc.), who take care the seas and mountains in an eccentric way.
Macau got the most densely concentrated churches in the world, we are famous because of it, and no one would give any doubt. For the past centuries, more local people tend to believe in Buddhism, but undoubtedly Catholicism still playing an influential role in this city. I studied in catholic schools since childhood. For me, the attires of the clergies are always attached with a sense of mystery, which match with the elements of my imaginary gods…
Wong Cheng Pou

Source: Macao Museum of Art


May 13 - November 12
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Macao Museum of Art
Av. Xian Xing Hai
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