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AES+F – Allegoria Sacra & The Feast of Trimalchio

November 15


Produced by Russian art and design collective AES+F, “Trimalchio” is the name of a character in the 1st century classical Roman novel «Satyricon» by Petronius. There is a scene in the fiction where Trimalchio, a freedman of enormous wealth, gives a feast to the guests. Thanks to Petronius’s fantasy and insightful depiction of everyday Roman life exposing the vulgarity and pretentiousness, Trimalchio’s name has become synonymous with wealth, luxury, gluttony and unbridled pleasure. Inspired by this, AES+F has produced the video “The Feast of Trimalchio”. This screening was made possible in conjunction with Art Statements Gallery (Tokyo/HK).

About AES+F

AES+F is a Russian collective of 4 artists formed in 1987. Since 2007 they became the most important Russian contemporary artists. Their work mixing digital backgrounds and photography was the main sensations in 2007, during the 52nd Venice Biennale. Since then they exhibited in some of the most prestigious museum worldwide.

The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg held the first ever mid-career retrospective for the group from May to July 2007. In recent years, they have also been exhibited extensively worldwide, including The Cobra Museum of Modern Art in the Netherlands, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art Contemporain, the 4th Gwangju Biennale in South Korea, Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.

AES+F are represented by Art Statements (Tokyo, Hong Kong)

This is integrated in the video art festival VAFA.

Source: AFA


November 15


Cinemathéque — Passion
Travessa da Paixão, 11-13
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